Euromillions Uk

United Kingdom, the country where we can have the authentic tea and cookies while we can enjoy the famous views of the Big Ben. It is also very well known for its beers, fish and chips, and the Beatles, but we wonder… Can we play Euromillions from the United Kingdom?

Yes, it is possible to play Euromillions from the United Kingdom, many of its citizens usually purchase the bets either when they’re visiting one of the 9 member counties of the ‘Euromillion’ community, or via online.

Is it possible to get a bet of the Euromillions being in the United Kingdom?

UK is one of the member countries that conform the Euromillions participants, so when we want to make buy some bets, it is as easy as stepping by some official point and pay for the stipulated game prize.

The countries that conform the Euromillions are Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, so this way the Euromillions will be always held in one of those 9 countries.

For those players who are thinking to play from one of the non-member countries, you can play from Loteria Castillo online.

In all countries from which we want to play, we must take into consideration that we must be 18 or older, except from the United Kingdom where we can play from 16 years.

¿How can we play Euromillions from the United Kingdom?

Playing Euromillions from United Kingdom is really easy, we have some different options:

-You can buy tickets, collect winnings and purchase scratch cards in Post Office branches. With as many as 5,000 branches participating, you can find which one’s nearest you.

-Joining the official website of Euromillions United Kingdom, and without the requirement of registration we can buy any bet we want, only waiting to be the lucky ones.

We for sure have the opportunity and chance to play and win the Euromillions from the United Kingdom.

If we finally end up being the winners, and we live or reside in the UK, there is the condition for claiming the prize to be in the country from which the bet was made.

What probability do I have to win some of the Euromillions prizes?

Euromillions is a very big raffle, with many prize categories, that’s why the probabilities that we are one of the lucky winners to get the first category (5+2) prize are 1 between 139.838.160, while the last category (2+0) has a probability of 1 in 22 possibilities.

Are there any special draws in the UK Euromillions?

-Superdraw: This game is included in the ticket price, in a Superdraw, the jackpot is pushed up to a set amount such as €100 million, even if the top prize was much lower or even won in the previous draw. Superdraws only happen a few times a year and they help to create some of the game’s biggest winners.

-European Millionaire Maker: The "European Millionaire Maker" is a game associated to Euromillions, which consists in assigning a code to each of the single Euromillions bets placed and for each of the Euromillions draws in which the ticket participates. This code is different from the Millionaire Maker code. If a multiple bet is placed, a number of codes equal to the number of single bets equivalent to the multiple bets will be assigned.

-Euromillions HotPicks: Played alongside EuroMillions every Tuesday and Friday, EuroMillions HotPicks offers bigger prizes for matching fewer main Euromillions numbers. To win, decide how many numbers you will pick and match them all to take home the prize. The cost of this game is 1.50£ per line.

Other United Kingdom lotteries

-Lotto: you can play this lottery every Wednesday and Saturday. To play this game, you’ll have to pick 6 numbers from 1-59, and the playing cost is 2£. Possible prizes go up to millions of pounds.

-Thunderball: being played 4 times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you can play this fame for only 1£, the top prize is 500k all to yourself! For playing this lottery, you have to pick 5 main numbers from 1-39, and 1 Thunderball from 1-14.

Some interesting facts about the United Kingdom:

-First ever Lottery draw was made in the United Kingdom in 1567. The lottery was intended to raise money for the enormous costs of building ships and developing ports.

-The British drink over 163 million cups of tea daily, about 20 times the number of cups consumed by Americans.

-Windsor Castle in Berkshire is the oldest royal residence in the world.

-London has the highest number of languages (300) than any other country in the world

-French was the official language in the United Kingdom for almost 300 years

-There are no mountains in England higher than 1000 meters.